Sunday, December 13, 2009

Family pics

SO my cute sis in law Natalie took these pics at my dads and I love them!!! Also if you read this and I didnt send you a Christmas card not because I didnt want to but I didnt have your address HEE HEE!!! Merry Christmas and Happy new year!!! WE hope your 2010 is AMAZING!!!!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Halloween program

holden loves preschool and I love hearing all about it!!! They had a Halloween program where they sang 4 or 5 songs. Then went trick or treating around the office and library. Very cute and you can see Holdens big friend Whitney in the pics. Holdens friend Aidan who is always a fave in Holdens world is the cute Iron Man!!!

Hadlie Crawling

I wish I would have taken more pics of Holden "teaching" Hadlie how to crawl I walked into are family room and watched my little 8 months crawled from her bouncer to the table. How cute is she??? And that little boy!! I love being a proud mommy!!!!

Sunday, November 8, 2009


This year of course Holden wanted to be Batman and I wanted Hadlie to be Bat girl but Casey found this cute bat instead so she was a bat!!! Holden was so excited to show Hadlie the ropes on her first Halloween. He loves the pumpkin patch, carving pumpkins, All the cute Halloween crafts. Halloween is my fave holiday and I hope to share that with them!!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

First day of Preschool!!!

Ok so most of us have seen every Full House episode out there I have been going over and over the episode than Danny takes Michelle to school and she is ok without him and he is so sad over it!! That is how I felt I didnt want to leave him I was fighting back the tears I know lame and I am a nanny I know How important it is for kids to be with other adults!! But still SO DANG HARD!!! Anyways Holden had a great day he loved it He told me that he made a new friend who was bigger I am sure she is a high school kid(He is going to Copper=hills HIgh Preschool) Her name is Whitney like you mom and she is VERY PRETTY!!! What he is 3 starting school and already liking the older woman I am so not ok with it!!! He loved the puzzels and he was so proud of his cute flag he made!!! My little guy is growing up!!! I am so not ready for it!!!

Saturday, October 3, 2009


Ever since I was 14 my parents have had a condo at Snowbird I love it I love going. We normally go once a year during Conference to watch conference play games eat yummy food!!! I love it!! This year we took Cami and Nikki with us and we did the zip line bungy trampoline and a few other things for Holden!!! It was cold but there is nothing like jumping into a hot tub when its freezing cold outside!!!! Some fun pics!!!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Ok so i won the tickets and I got to take 9 friends with me to the Miley concert plus her soundcheck and get to take pics with her!!! I heard a thousand time how great she is with her fans!! So I was very excited to take my neices however we got there and waited for an hour got lined up ready for her sound check and they came out and said that Miley was sick so Metro station was going to do her soundcheck and we would still get pics and stuff with Miley she was trying to save her voice!!! Metro was good and the little ones with me were so excited to see MIleys brother JACKSON!!! I thought that was so cute so after explaining that it wasnt Jackson. I think they were a tad confused. It was ok and then MIley came out she was as cute as I heard talked to the kids took pics with all her fans!! Then we went to her concert that I know there was alot dissapointed she didnt have much energy HOWEVER I thought for only being 16 and having the flu she did AMAZING!! She tried so hard!!! I was impressed and we had a blast!!! It was so much fun seeing my cute Taylor and Rylee SHAKE IT!!! All in all thanks everyone for helping me! Timette Janece Brianne for helping me with the show your 97.1 Janece for being my camera guy and EVERYONE voting!!! You made 7 little girls VERY VERY Happy!! Ok and me and my 2 sisters!!!

Sunday, September 20, 2009


Ok so I know I am a dork but I need your help!!! I am trying to win Miley Cyrus tickets for my cute nieces!!! 97.1 zht is having a contest where you have to show your ZHT to see Miley so I talked some of my cute neighbors to help me in which I said it may be an hour took us 4 hours later!!! Thanks Janece, Timette and Brianne!!! We painted on the back of 2 cars 97.1 and Miley Blockade on mine! With lots of streamers and balloons drove down I15 to 215 to the 97.1 studio Janece took the cute pics!!! We are in need of your vote!! If you follow this link click on view entries and go to number 42!!! THATS NUMBER 42!!!!! Vote for us and make some dang cute girls VERY HAPPY!!! THANKS GUYS!! PLease let me know if you have any problems please spread the word!!!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

My CUTE kids!!!

Just some fun updated pics of the little ones!! Hadlie is now 6 months rolling over and has two teeth!! She is so much fun!! Holden is so in love his little sister I love watching them play together!!! Holden starts at 6 am wanting friends to come and play! So some cute pics of him and his friends!!! I was allso a rebel and got Hadlies ears pierced!!! I know everyone has there opinions but please DONT share:) Unless you love them!!! Then go on ahead!!!! In the top picture Holden is tranfoming into Bumblebee the car!! I love how is mind works!!!!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

I have a new love!!!!

Ok so funny I am posting about POPPYSEED dressing. But really You need totry it!! My friend Timmette told me about this poppyseed dressing that she loves. She made me lunch and yummy!!! its called Brianna's Poppyseed dressing!! It is so yum! Go try it!!!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

4 month appointment just 5 months old!!!

I finally took Hadlie in to her 4 month appointment. Scary as it was we changed Doctors. I loved are pediatrician however he was clear up at Altaview and My sister rants and raves about Dr. Peterson in Herriman so we gave him a try. I loved him!! He listened to me and had a bunch a suggestion to help my Hadlie. She is having weezing problems when she breaths mostly at night, but very scary for me!!! Anyways she weighed in at a whopping 12 pounds 4 ounces triple her birth weight I was so proud of myself!!! She is 21 inches long! Both are 8% for her age!!! BUT WE ARE ON THE CHARTS!!! I even cried when I heard that!!! Her head was 80% for her head which I went back and looked at Holden and he did the exact same thing but he dropped off the charts at 6 months so we will see!!!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Grandma Delta

I have hold off on writing this post for me! I am sorry and this is more for me than anyone else. Since I am using this for my journal!! July 9th I got a message from Ryan telling me that Grandma Delta passed away. I think I felt every emotion I could Sad for me with the passing mf my grandma, Happy for her knowing she wasnt in any more pain, Guilt for not going down to Delta so she could snuggle Hadlie. I have thought alot about my grandma and I wanted to write down a few of my fave memories of her. I think my fave is Easter They would hide a bunch of money instead of eggs. We would puch and shove to see who could get the most! I think at most we got 25 to 30 dollars but you know me I am very competetive. I also remember when me my brother and sister went and spend a week or so in Delta with her and my gramps. We went swimming Camping Bowling one of the times when we were going into the bowling alley randomly Karl Malone was there and we got pictures and autographs. She wrote down all her funeral plans down and asked her grandkids to talk for a minute or so. I thousand memories were running through my mind but I just couldnt do it. I love my grandma and miss her very much I wish I could have just had one more day so she could snuggle Hadlie! When Had lie was in the hospital I had a hard time talking to anyone she wrote me cards all the time to tell me how much she loves me and missed me!! I am sorry I didnt make the short trip! I know we will spend lots more time in Delta. Love you and miss you!!!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Herriman Res!!!

I love living in Herriman and having all these fun things come in!! We built are house out here almost 5 years ago!! My next door neighbor called me and asked if I wanted to go to the Herriman resivour I will be honest I thought she was a little crazy!!! But she wasnt SOrry Windy we went twice last week!! It is a blast! Holden loves it!! It was extra fun cause My sister and her kiddos were randomley there!! I love watching Holden with his cousins!! And Friends! Holden has a dear friend that when ever he sees him he says Mom thats my best friend!! We love friends!! Call me if you want to come check it out!!! WE are always ready to go!!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Lake Powell

I love Lake POwell!! Every year since I was a little girl we would go and stay on my dads houseboat!! Out of all the places I have traveled that by far is my fave. I hope it passes down to Holden but really look at these pics and tell me what you think. Dont you think he had fun!! The first day we were there without any hesitation he jumped off the houseboat!! HE IS THREE!!!! He scared me a tad because just a few days before we had a scare on Grandpa Bryces pool!! I made him keep that life jacket on to sleep!! I was a PARANOID!!! Hadlie was great to!! She is such a happy baby!! I feel so lucky to have such a great family!!! Thanks Granpa for such a fun trip!!! We love POWELL!