Saturday, October 29, 2011

Halloween mix up dinner!!!

My neighbor had a Halloween mix up dinner. She had a menu full of mixed up food items. Like BAT WINGS and Pumpkin Blood. The kids had to circle 3 things they got at a time. Holden thought it was so funny!!! He wouldnt dress up cause I told him he couldnt be captain America cause I didnt want it to get dirty. But Hadlie was a cute little mouse!!! You didnt get a fork or spoon till you circled it on the menu GRAVE DIGGERS DELIGHT AND WITCHES BROOM STICK so there could be pictures of us slurping up are food!!!!

MIdas Creek Carnival

Every year HOldens school puts on a carnival as a fundraiser. It is so packed but it is so fun!!! My kids both had a ball and Casey was able to get off work a little early and come with us! Which is ALWAYS a plus!!!! Holden did a thriller dance first with all the Kindergarteners, And then we went to all the classrooms. Holden said his fave was Musical chairs and the hair spray. Ithink Hadlie loved to get her fingers painted!!! We had a great night!!!!

Dance Class

Hadlie has been in Dance for a couple of months and LOVES it when we arent there. She will do the whole dance at home. The second we get there she is very shy and doesnt want to do it!! She is all personality. They had a fun Halloween party with her cute class. Her Cody was over before so there is a picture of them on here!! She kept giving him kisses.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Halloween Party!!!

This is the third year I have done a Halloween party for my kids!!! I love doing stuff like this! This year was super fun cause Holden had friends from school and the neighborhood!! He is getting so big! I think in total he invited 44 friends! I know I am crazy!!! But it was a success!! My little Hadlie is Cinderella this year and HATES her costume!!! Holden is Captain America and his costume already tore he LOVES it so much!!!! We did it at the clubhouse this year which was SO much better!!! I have some of the best friends ever and they HELPED me put it together!! Thank you!!!