Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Kaylee and Chase

I had my sister in law take these pictures for Kristin for her birthday!!! She is so talented and since they are some of my VERY fave people I had to post them!!! I started working for them when Chase was just one and Kaylee was three!! They have grown up so much and love them like Family!!! I have to say there parents are two of the most generous and giving people I have ever met!!! Love you guys!!!

The North Pole Express

I entered a contest on a radio contest for 4 tickets to the North Pole Express, Which is on the Heber Creeper railroad. I found out I won 3 hours before I had to leave!!! So I called CAsey at work and told him and he couldnt get off work!! DANG IT!!! (But very thankfu;l he is such a hard worker!!!) So I called my friend Timmette who has a little guy just a month older than Holden who is his "best buddy." And she was all for it!!! Thankfully my sisters watched HAdlie and we had a mommy son date!!! We got up there with not a second to spare!! ANd jumped on the train. It was an hour and a half bumpy ride and thankful for Timette her and I sang songs the whole way!!! Holden and Adian were amazing and happy to be there! Santa gave Holden a top. and then on the way home they played with Timette I touch!! I have wanted to go for years and happy I got to go for free!!! Yeah!!!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


I got to take the kids to see my sister in Arizona. I love going to Az. I feel like I get little pieces of my mom back. Her 3 sisters live there and her sweet parents. We got there after a long drive of 13 hours and surprised them, They didnt know we were coming and they were so sweet about it!!! Got us a bed right away!!! Cort made us breakfast the next day. And we were in heaven playing with the Darling Welker kiddos!!!! I love them!!! After a few hours of playing Janie took me over for a visit with my grandparents. Who had no clue we were coming. SURPRISE!!!! They got to meet Hadlie for the first time!! They were sweet with them!! Grandpa took them outside and played in the trees, showed them the birds (My grandpa has 10 love birds!) And introduced Holden to his first cactus!!! We talked about old times!! And had a great visit!!! After that we went back to Jamies house and it was non stop fun!!! The weather was high 60's!!!! We were in heaven!!! We played at the park, ate a ton of junk!! Laughed!!! Visited with a bunch of family!! My cute cousins set up a girl dinner for me it was so fun!!! My sisters house WAS built for the KIds!!! She has a built in slide and little tree house inside!!! Holden had a ball!!!! Thanks again my CUTE Az. Family for an AMAZING visit!!! I love you all!!! I wish I got to see you more often!!!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Family Pics!!! I LOVE THEM!!!!

OK I love these!! I cant pick my fave! I am not going to post the family ones!! Keep Christmas cards a Surprise!!! But seriously so CUTE!!!!!

Disney on ice

We decided to take the kiddos to Disney on Ice! I was worried that Hadlie wouldnt watch it! But she loved it!!! She watched the whole thing just going from Casey's lap and mine!!! Other than that not a move!! Holden of course LOVED it!!! I kept asking if we could get there autograph!!! I think another Disneyland trip is in order!!! We got them both a snowcone that were 10.00 each!! But He has carried around his stich cup all over the place so I am thinking it was worth it!!! We went with my cute sister and her family!!! We had a great time and cant wait to go again!!!!

Trick or treat

When I went out and started trick or treating with them! Holden looked at me and said mom I am done I cant eat all this candy!!! HAHAHA!!! It was a BLAST!!!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

October fun

We had a great October!!! I love Halloween! It is by far my fave holiday!! It is eve nmore fun with kids!! I love to take my kids to the pumpkin patch and Garner village every year!! We went a few times to both!! I decided one Saturday that I was going to throw Holden a little HAlloween party. My sister did one last year and Holden loved it!! So Saturday morning I started making phone calls! I have the best neighbors. I thought not to many would be able to come with the 5 hour notice and all!! I think only one family couldnt make it! I thought we would have maybe 10 kids here but Holden kept adding to the list I think at the end I had 26 kids!! HAHAHA I loved it!!! They all seemed to have a fun time!! We had a witches brew, A pinata, Lots of games and a ton of candy!!! I think this will be a tradition!!!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Disneyland 2010

We had a AMAZING trip to my Fave place in the world!!! Disneyland!!! Casey couldnt get off work so I decided I would still go and take Holden and Hadlie. I have a friend who does this all the time for the day so I thought hey if she can do it I cando it!! It was alot harder than I thought but totally worth it! HAdlie who I thought would have no reaction surpised me the most she loved it! She loved the rides loved the characters!!! Holden was big enough to go on the Tower of terror, Splash mountain, Thunder railroad and space mountain!! He is getting to big. If you ask him his fave ride is Buzz and tower of terror. He is brave!! We had 19 people in are group Jamie and her fam, Ryan and his fam, My dad and Maryan and her 3 kids. It was a long drive but very worth it!!

Holden and Chase havent seen eachother since August. They are the best of friends. They wanted to ride all the rides by themselves. We got in the line for space mountain. And those two wanted to ride with eachother I was a little nervous puting my 4 year old on that ride little own with another 4 year old!!! It was SCARY and NOT Disneyland SCARY!!! SCARY!!! Some red ghost guy! I didnt like it!! When the ride stopped I looked back and CHase had big tears in his eyes and Holden said Mom I wanted to ride with you!!! HAHAHA!!!

I love my family!! Thanks guys for such a great trip!!!