Thursday, September 29, 2011


I thought this sounded so fun to do my first Tri. What made this one so fun was it was all ladies. And non competitive. I loved having woman run past me saying good job. Keep it up!!! I got to do this with a few of my friends from Crossfit and lucky to have a neighbor friend there too!!! I was so scared. The night before I had to get my packet, when I got back a friend of mine put up a banner that said good luck Whit!!! A bunch of my friends and neighbors signed it with flowers!!! Seriously my Crossfit friends will tell ya It pushed me so much harder!!! I really didnt train for it. But my only goal was to FINISH!!!!! We started at 8 am we all lined up for the swim!!! The whole time while I was swimming I HEARD a friend screaming for me!!! ( I have the BEST friends ever!!) She captured so many great pictures!!! My swim I did 7:44 . I ran out to get my bike and change my shirt!!! and I was off!!! The bike was so fun and surprisingly not so tough!!!! Unfortunately it broke on mile four and I had to stop!!! After sitting there for another twenty minutes I finally got to go out on my run!!! I did my 5K in 34 minutes which I was stoked about!!! Never been so fast!!! At the finish line there was a hill and I decided I would walk up it and then sprint in to finish as I looked up at the top I saw my dad and his sweet wife so I pushed it a little harder and ran up!!! They cheered me on!! I was stopped again by more friends with a darling ribbon which HAdlie and Holden both signed!!! I have to say one of my fave days ever!!! I love the HUGE support system I have!!!! I love you all and could never thank you enough!!!!!

Birthday lunch

We try are best every time its a gals birthday! We try to do lunch I love this picture of us LADIES!!!!

Neighbor hood kids

I love in one of the best neighborhoods. I have met some of my Fave people!!! And most are under the age of ten!!! I love that Holden and HAdlie have So many buddies to play with everyday!!! These are SOME of kids in our HOOD!!!! Some are missing too!!!!

Friday, September 2, 2011

First day of Kindergarten!!!

It is so crazy to me how time flies by. I thought I was just 16. And now I have a 5 year old in Kindergarten. NOT FAIR!!!! He was so excited. He got A track and his teachers name is MS. Calhoun. HOlden loves her. He is learning so much and growing too fast!!!