Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Before and After

I have found a new LOVE for working out!!! I have always hated it! I have a dear sweet friend who talked me in to going to a gym called " Crossfit Sandy" She told me the workouts were intense. FOr athletes that wanted to go to the next edge!! I am pretty sure she used the word "ELITE!!" Which is funn y given in January I didnt even have a oine year old and I was more then 250 pounds!! Yep thats right I am going public!! The first day I left in tears, I puked I think twice!! And I swore I would never go back!!! I of course got talked back into going and thank goodness for the first month most of the time I was by myself!! Anywho I have a LOVE!!! Everyday they post pics I bet you cant guess what pic was first and what pic was 7months later!!!! All I can say is Alex, Kristin, Andrew, Carly, Windy, Janece, Timette, Maria, Sara, Brianne,Dana and EVERYONE else who has helped watch my kids! Cheer me on!!! Or kick my BUTT!!!! THANK YOU!!! YOU HAVE CHANGED MY LIFE!!!!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

race car!!

My dads work has a nascar car!! It came to his work so I ran over and showed Holden!! He thought it was so cool. But kept saying "mom why doesnt have a door." "Mom how do you get it with no handle." It was so cute!! WAHOO for World Financial Group