Friday, March 20, 2009

Casey and Holden!!!

I had to post these pics!! Casey all dressed up he was great and supportive he held my hand untill he felt light headed and had to walk out his tummy is so weak!!! But hey 3 trys for a HUGE shot in the back and he had to watch I think I would have struggled to!!! Thats right I had to get 3 of those dang shots in the back they didnt work and when they were finally done I was numb to my shoulders!!! I love remembering what happened no seizures!!! Yeah for me!!! The video is my fave of Holden he is such a great big brother!!! I love that he loves her so much!!!

new pics for the out of towners!!!!

So Hadlie is a week old and is so dang cute!!! I love her so much already!!! These are pics of her first bath at home!! Hadlie had to be put under the jaundice lights and as hard as it was not to hold her for 24 hours she is doing great!!! Holden loves her so much and is always wanting to hold her and kiss her!!! I love it I hope they are going to be best friends!!!! I put some way cute pics up of Holden! He cracks me up!! I love being a mom!!! I am cheezy but I love it!!!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Baby Hadlie!!!

So after being on bed rest for only 2 and a half weeks!! They had to take my little princess!!! I went to an appointment Thursday morning and my blood pressure was 160 over 112. They sent me down to labor and delivery which really isn't a big deal cause I was getting checked in every other day!! So much fun!! With in 10 min they decided they were taking the baby!! I couldn't get a hold of anyone which only made my blood pressure rise!! and sense we are down to one car I had to call and Casey a ride to the hospital. Thanks Erin!! It was very scary to deliver again at 35 weeks!! But she is just perfect!! She is very small at only 4 pds 2 ounces but hopefully she will start growing!!! I absolutely adore her!!! She is the best baby. I know I have only had her for 4 days!! But I cant get enough of her!!! Holden of course is the best big brother!! He wants to kiss her all the time and pet her head!!! I have missed him so much staying in the hospital and cant wait to take him to the park when I am healed a little bit!! As Carly put it I have the cutest kids!!!!