Thursday, October 30, 2008


I love October I love Halloween I love all of it!!! It is by far my fave time of year!!! Holden has had so much fun with all the fun activites going on!!! Tuesday night we went to are ward Halloween party he had so much fun running around with all the kiddos. I love watching him play!!! There was 2 jugs of water that Holden would not walk away from. I didnt feel so good so thanks for ALL the people that had patience with him!! HEE HEE!!! On Thursday tonight I took Holden over to a pumpkin patch to carve pumpkins I wouldnt let him use the knife but he loved to dig out the guts!!! He would even lick the spoon. Grose right!!! He loves to play with his buddies Lucus and Max Thanks for the fun NIght!!! Oh and I have to put this in . The darling costume the Holden has my mom bought it!! She found huge JOY in going to Costco I loved going with her. She bought 7 or 8 costumes for her grandkids and my brother has been holding on to them!!! I love that she thought about her grandkids even when they werent here!!! I know how corney am I??? But seriously She is one AMAZING grandma!!!!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Another tag!!!

I am: WAY CUTE!!!
I want: To be HAPPY FOREVER!!!
I have: The cutest little bot in the world I dont know how he is so cute oh wait I am way cute!!!
I dislike: Onions
I miss: my mommy
I fear: something will happen to my loved ones.
I feel: sick
I hear: Holden and Cartrer yelling They are the bestest friends
I smell: Windys hair we are coloring it brown
I crave: lettuce with Italin kraft dressing
I cry: ALL The time Very EMOTIONAL
I usually: dont make my bed
I search: for my keys phone or debit card!!!
I wonder: If I am having a boy or a girl.
I regret: NOthing I love the person that I am and ALL I have gone through!!! HEE HEE
I love: My family, my dogs, myself
I care: about my family
I always: kiss Holden 100 times before bed
I worry: Not about much I am not a worrier
I am not: a serious person
I remember: Being a kiddo I loved being little not a worry in the world
I believe: I can fly!Just kidding I had to put it.
I dance: ALL THE TIME!
I argue: My biggest fault ok but a big one ALL THE TIME i have to be right I am sorry!!!
I write: Everything I am a doodler
I win: NOthing I need a good trip to Wendover.
I lose: When I am sad.
I wish: I had more money!!!
I listen: Kbull 93 Sorry Carly
I don't understand: Why people hurt there babies!!!
I can usually be found: In my dirty car ALWAYS on the go
I need: Nothing
I forget: Everything I am sorry!!
I am happy:All the time!!! I love life!!! Ok even being sick just remind me to be happy if I look sad!!!
I tag Anyone who wants to do this!!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Ok so how long has it been since I posted anything??? Pregnancy is kicking my butt!!! Anyways I took Holden with some of my neighbors we had a great time holden loved the mazes and all the rides!!! He loves all the darking kids we live by!!!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Lucky #7

HOw fun is this really 7 things!! This could take me a while!!!

7 Things I can do

1. I can camp with the best of them. Although I do love the air conditioned houseboat.
2. I am an amazing shopper and I do kid my self and say I am a thrift shopper but I dont think I am that good.
3. I could sit with a little one and listen to there sweet questions. There is nothing better than listening to WHY WHY???
4. I can move on my blades!! K so I used to go really fast who knows about now!!!
5. I can host a mean party!!! I love to have people over especially for birthdays. I get that from my mom.
6. I can argue or debate anything. I always have to be right.(Im sorry)
7. I can drink a 12 pack of diet coke in 2 days I know grose right. But I can I also can go through a big bottle of ketchup a week!!! I cant believe I wrote that.

7 things I cant do

1. I cant sew
2. I cant not have ketchup and diet coke for a day.
3. I cant go a day without my baby Holden.
4. I cant live without my family. I made Casey move to Herriman to be by my fam although I am quite fond of Casey's to.
5. I cant stay at home for more than a day. I love to be on the go.
6. Goodness I dont know!!! I cant think of anymore I know there is a ton of things I cant do!!

7 things that attraced me to Casey

1. sense of humor
2. his breakdancing ask him its a great laugh!!!
3.His love for kids. I love to watch him with Holden.
4. His love for the outdoors.
5. His heart he would give his shirt off his back for anyone!!!
6. How he always talks me up!! He makes me feel like I am a queen!!
7. How he listened to me when I was down.

7 things I say to often

1. um
2. Whatever
3. WOW
4. Amazing
5. K I sound dumb enough!! I am done!

7 Fave celebrity admirations

1. Yeah I am with Shari not to many I look up to!!

7 Fave foods

1. cucumbers
3. spaghetti
4. diet coke
5. turkey sandwiches
6. french fries
7. salad

7 people I tag

1. Jamie
2. carly
3. Mckell
4. Timmette
5. jen
6. Casie
7. Windy

Thursday, October 9, 2008


Ok so I have not been so excited for a movie forever!!! The new sneek peek of TWILIGHT is here!!! Yeah go watch!!!! Who wants to go???

Thursday, October 2, 2008


I need some help!! First off I am not complaining about being pregnant cause I LOVE IT!!! However I am always sick!! I went to my dr. and she said I was very anemic!! Smelling the iron pills make me gag!(Is this to much info!!) When I take them they dont stay down!! Same with prenatal's!! I have tried taking them right before bed I have tried to take them with food??? Anybody have any special tricks!!! I know I will be sick preggers and I am ok with that! How can I keep these yucky pills down so my little peanut is healthy!??!! Any Ideas???