Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Another tag!!!

I am: WAY CUTE!!!
I want: To be HAPPY FOREVER!!!
I have: The cutest little bot in the world I dont know how he is so cute oh wait I am way cute!!!
I dislike: Onions
I miss: my mommy
I fear: something will happen to my loved ones.
I feel: sick
I hear: Holden and Cartrer yelling They are the bestest friends
I smell: Windys hair we are coloring it brown
I crave: lettuce with Italin kraft dressing
I cry: ALL The time Very EMOTIONAL
I usually: dont make my bed
I search: for my keys phone or debit card!!!
I wonder: If I am having a boy or a girl.
I regret: NOthing I love the person that I am and ALL I have gone through!!! HEE HEE
I love: My family, my dogs, myself
I care: about my family
I always: kiss Holden 100 times before bed
I worry: Not about much I am not a worrier
I am not: a serious person
I remember: Being a kiddo I loved being little not a worry in the world
I believe: I can fly!Just kidding I had to put it.
I dance: ALL THE TIME!
I argue: My biggest fault ok but a big one ALL THE TIME i have to be right I am sorry!!!
I write: Everything I am a doodler
I win: NOthing I need a good trip to Wendover.
I lose: When I am sad.
I wish: I had more money!!!
I listen: Kbull 93 Sorry Carly
I don't understand: Why people hurt there babies!!!
I can usually be found: In my dirty car ALWAYS on the go
I need: Nothing
I forget: Everything I am sorry!!
I am happy:All the time!!! I love life!!! Ok even being sick just remind me to be happy if I look sad!!!
I tag Anyone who wants to do this!!!


Windy said...

Oh fun times! Thanks for doing the tag! I know those are hard and painful for you to do haha! You are a crackup though!

Mike and Timette said...

I kiss my kids 100 times too before I go to bed. :)

Cort,Jamie&kids said...

Wendover huh? Shame, shame. I'm totally going to do this tag, even though you didn't tag me. (Details.) Sorry I didn't do those other ones, I started them, but then they overwhelmed me! Oh, BTW I know your having a girl.

JT, Carly, Boston, Jocelyn and Snuggles said...

You are hilarious, but way cute! And you say you listen to KBull, but I know you listen to The Eagle because you comment on our show all the time!!

Me in a nut shell said...

You are so funny! Do you do hair? I wish I saw you more... we need to get together.. for a play date or somthing..