Sunday, November 14, 2010

Family Pics!!! I LOVE THEM!!!!

OK I love these!! I cant pick my fave! I am not going to post the family ones!! Keep Christmas cards a Surprise!!! But seriously so CUTE!!!!!

Disney on ice

We decided to take the kiddos to Disney on Ice! I was worried that Hadlie wouldnt watch it! But she loved it!!! She watched the whole thing just going from Casey's lap and mine!!! Other than that not a move!! Holden of course LOVED it!!! I kept asking if we could get there autograph!!! I think another Disneyland trip is in order!!! We got them both a snowcone that were 10.00 each!! But He has carried around his stich cup all over the place so I am thinking it was worth it!!! We went with my cute sister and her family!!! We had a great time and cant wait to go again!!!!

Trick or treat

When I went out and started trick or treating with them! Holden looked at me and said mom I am done I cant eat all this candy!!! HAHAHA!!! It was a BLAST!!!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

October fun

We had a great October!!! I love Halloween! It is by far my fave holiday!! It is eve nmore fun with kids!! I love to take my kids to the pumpkin patch and Garner village every year!! We went a few times to both!! I decided one Saturday that I was going to throw Holden a little HAlloween party. My sister did one last year and Holden loved it!! So Saturday morning I started making phone calls! I have the best neighbors. I thought not to many would be able to come with the 5 hour notice and all!! I think only one family couldnt make it! I thought we would have maybe 10 kids here but Holden kept adding to the list I think at the end I had 26 kids!! HAHAHA I loved it!!! They all seemed to have a fun time!! We had a witches brew, A pinata, Lots of games and a ton of candy!!! I think this will be a tradition!!!