Sunday, July 31, 2011

Lava Hot Springs

So this happened back in June but I didnt have my camera with me so I had to steal these pictures!! We decided to do a fun family/ friend trip. I had never been to Lava before but I always heard how much fun it was. We got there and checked in to are fun cabin. AWWWW Cabin camping is so much more fun than tent camping with kids. We went to check out the town. Lava is pretty small and it didnt take us long. We went in the hot pods then the pool the next day. WE learned alot about are friends playing times up!!! HA HA We had so much fun!! Family/ friend trip needs to happen once a year.

July 24th

For the 24th I decided to get the kids a waterslide. Some of my great neighbors went in on it with me. They had so much playing on it. A little water party right before school starts. Fun visiting with the moms to. I have some of the best neighbors.

tball Coach Pitch

Holden is quite the soccer player but we decided to try out Tball. He did pretty good loved going with all of his buddies. It makes me sad thinking about how old he is getting. After the season we had a little party at Mcdonalds for his team. Casey and Mike Wankier were there coaches. Holden loves that his daddy will be his coach!!!

Lake Powell

Oh how much to I love this place!!! There is nothing that comes close to sitting on the boat driving through canyons with a little Keith Urban. This has been a family tradition of mine since I can remember. I know my kids love it as much as I do. Holden is so brave loves to jumo off cliffs, the house boat and loves the wave runner. Hadlie is such a girl and loves her life jacket but hates the water but wanted to go for a "ride" (on the waverunner or boat." Whenever she could. one of the highlights on this trip for me was having my cute grandpa there. I love listening to his stories. Another was seeing all the beautiful waterfalls from the rain. Wish I had my camera!!! We loved seeing the Welkers. Are kids are the best of friends.

fourth of July

FOr the past three years we have celebrating the fourth of July with some great friends. This year are husbands got into it. I am sure it had to do with the "FUN" fireworks becoming legal in Utah. We had a three hour show of fireworks.

Earlier that day we went and got sno cones and got ready for Lake POwell. Me and the kids left early the next day.
I love the fourth of July. I feel so lucky to live ina land of freedom.