Thursday, March 13, 2008

guitar hero

I love guitar hero so much fun even funner when Gradpa Bryce comes over grabs the guitar and starts jamming out.

Being like mommy a little scary!!!

So I was cleaning the house holden was watching t.v. or so I thought I come out to check on him and he has mascara everywhere I cant get mad it was to cute and I am sure he was just trying to be like mommy

Disneyland in a day!!

I have some of the best neighbors ever. One of my neighbors goes to Disneyland in a day leaves at 4am gets home at 11pm plays ALL day she has 2 kids everyone thought I was crazy to go but it was one of the funnest days ever. I have wanted to take Holden to Disneyland since he was born. I am such a little kid! We had so much fun he loved all the rides and he loves meeting the characters. I bought him a autograph book he would walk it up to a character get on his knees and just stare!!! It was the cutest thing I have ever seen and I cant wait to take him back again!! All I have to do is get Casey to go!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Ok so a few of you who are supposed tobe my dear friends have called me a bad blogger I wont name names!! CARLY YOUNG and JAMIE WELKER so tonite when Holden goes to bed I will have a few updates you dont want to tell me I am bad at something cause I try to be the best at everything BUT I am a bad typer!!! I will try tp be better but I do talk to both of you like everyday I guess you cant get enogh of me you want to read about ,e to!! JUST KIDDING I love you Both!!!