Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Ok so a few of you who are supposed tobe my dear friends have called me a bad blogger I wont name names!! CARLY YOUNG and JAMIE WELKER so tonite when Holden goes to bed I will have a few updates you dont want to tell me I am bad at something cause I try to be the best at everything BUT I am a bad typer!!! I will try tp be better but I do talk to both of you like everyday I guess you cant get enogh of me you want to read about ,e to!! JUST KIDDING I love you Both!!!


JT, Carly, Boston, and Snuggles said...

ha ha ha... you ARE a bad blogger though. However, I don't even know how to upload pictures and my last blog doesn't even have the cute pics I talk about. And yes, your right Whit, I just want to read about you guys too,, because I just can't get enough! j/k I want to come see your basement today.. how exciting!!!!

Cort,Jamie,&kids said...

So..........where is this new post you promised?? Seriously, I might have to put in a complaint with blogger if you don't get on it!!