Sunday, January 24, 2010

Woodland Hills Mountain Resort

My first overnigt away from my kiddos.(Except for the hospital) One of my girlfriends invited some of the girls from my ward up to her parents house in Woodland Hills I didnt know places like this were around. Trees everywhere, A huge gazebo that her dad just bulit for her mom, Windows all around, Skylight amazing beams, To say the least it was AMAZING!!! Even the hot tub had twinking lights all around it!! It was quite the getaway!! We left at around 6 pm stopped at the pasta factory and then headed up there we got there at 9pm because of a snow storm. We got in the hot tub and laughed and laughed I have to say I didnt eat any treats that night because I am trying to lose weight YEAH ME!!! But I did have muddy buddies the next morning dangit!!! Anyways Janeces mom made an amazing breakfast. I will admit when I talked to her parents I wanted to just sit there and talk to them they were adorable and I even asked him they would adopt me!!! Thanks again Janece and the Marshall family!!! I had so much fun and cant wait to go back!!!!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Christmas program



I have been vey happy with Holdens preschool!! I love that it is one on one! and I think that tha High School really love him!! He is a grizz kid!! Re minds me of my highschool days!!!! He did a good job although he didnt stand still for a second!! When Santa clause came out he was so shocked!!! He ran right up to him told him he wanted transformer arm transformer head!! And buzz lightyear!! When he got back to class he told his teacher that Santa was his best friend!!! I love that kid!!!!


Christmas was a few weeks ago and I left my camera at my dads so here we go!!! We woke at 6:30 Holden woke up and said mom did santa come to my house!! We let Hadlie sleep in and Holden opened his gifts I felt a little bad for letting Hadlie sleep but santa didnt bring her much this year so I think it was perfect!!! Holden opened all his fun gifts and said mom Santa is my best friend!!! I love that kid!!!! Hadlie loves the paper and the boxes of course!! She was as cute as could be! WE got ready and headed to grandpa Bryces house!! The last couple years my dad gives us money we buy what we want and then wrap it put it under the tree I think he likes it cause its a surprise to him!! HEE HEE!!! Although I got a call the day before Christmas eve, He wanted to meet me and my sisters at Kmart because he didnt think the grandkids had enough!! Really??? But I wasnt going to complain although I wish instead he would go to Old Navy or Childrens place but I am not going to complain!! It was a blast to walk the aisles with my dad!! Anyways after we wetnt to my dads we trecked up to Draper to go to Grandma danas and we got spoiled rotten up there! Exchanged gifts and laughed with family!! Them on to Lehi With the Mckells!!! Instead of buying gifts the made up a fun game full of gift cards and the BIG CASH BONUS!!! It was quite fun!!! We ate yummy navajo tacos which is one of my faves!! Overall we had an amazing Chrismas of Family,food and fun!!!