Thursday, June 25, 2009

Family home evening

I have tried so hard to start FHE in our home! However I am not the best a few times I have said CRAP its Monday Lets teach Holden a new song or tell him a new story I know good right!! But last Monday we went fishing and Holden loved it we had so much fun!! I love teaching him new things! And I think Casey loved watching him learn one of his fave things to do!!!
Also look at Carlys shoes! Yes she has high heels on fishing!!!

Sunday, June 21, 2009


How cute is this picture!!! My neighbor took this picture at the splash park!! I love her!! We still arent rolling over!! But we are smiling all the time Holden loves her and constatley wants to be around her!!! She also is sleeping through the night!! I know she is a rockstar Baby!!!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

I love to see the temple!!!

Ok how lucky am I that I have 3 temples really in walking distance!! I love to look out in the valley and see these beautiful buildings!! but more importantly I love that Holden loves them when ever he sees the new temple which is a few times a day. Its always the same thing mom thats my temple and not Aidans huh?? I love it although I try to tell him he can share!! We got to walk through it today and I loved seeing Holdens face Wow to the lights or mom look at the window and yes he asked me if I brought his swimsuit I said no but made him promise me we would come back and "SWIM" when he was 12!! I love him and his fun imagination!! And yes Hadlie loved it to!! Casey didnt get to come he was stuck at work but we missed him!!!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Hadlies blessing

My sweet little miracle baby was blessed today!! It was so nice to be around family and friends!! Casey did an amazing job! It is always nice to go to church and get refreshed for the week!! I love this gospel!
Thanks everyone for coming and supporting my little family!!! These darling pics are of Hadlie and Kayson Cousins that are only a month apart!!! Poor Hadlie She is a good 5 pounds smaller!! I love having a little girl she is so my barbie doll!!! Her nails always have to be painted,Her pretty bracelets!! Her darling little dresses!! I love my little girl!!! AND BOY!! BUT hey you all know that!!!