Saturday, December 8, 2007

Holdens aunts

We miss you guys and we put these up here for you!!!

Holden loves the snow

Holdem hated the snow last year!1 Given he was 8 months old but this year once he snows he wants to be out there in it. He love his boots and quite frankly so do I. He carries them around all day!!


We are loving these little pups!! Babes is really being a good mother. WIsh we could keep them and Holden just loves them!!! We are selling them if anyones interested!!!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Family pics

My sister took these and I love them once again I am showing off for her!!! She has a talent I love them!!!! Not to mention the family is preety cute!!!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Ok oK I have been tagged!!!

I have been tagged by a few people so here I go!!!
1. I dont know if this is any news but I love my family!!! I have the best husband who always makes me laugh. He is the silliest person I know and I love it!!
2. I have the cutest little boy who keeps me moving all the time.. Holden is 19 months and I cant believe it! he is just started talking ang almost understands everything you say I love it!!!
3. I love to play hostess! I love to have parties I love to have people over I love meeting new people there is nothing better than catching up with old friends!!! Thats why I love this blog thing so much!!! Although I offered to do Thanksgiving over here and I am a tad nervous any suggestions sure would be great!!!
4. I have just started getting into working out and I love it I think it is such a hapy high there is nothing better than knowing you went for a run or at aleast a walk!!!
5. I to have a quilty pleasure with the hills on mtv!!! Every monday night I have to watchit! I love the fact that live is much easier but there is something about the drama that brings me watching!!
6. I love to shop for things for my house and things for Holden!! Ok I just love to shop!! But what girl doesnt really!!!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Showing OFF

Ok so I am showing off a little but if you really know me you know am just a very proud person!!! My sister took these pics and she has just started taking pics. I love them and cant wait till she does some of Holden and of course the kids are DARLING they are my family!!!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Happy Halloween

Halloween is one of my fave time of the year. I love to dress up I love to pass out candy! You would think I am still a little kid! Maybe thats what I love you can be a kid on Halloween!!! Casey wasnt to happy that I told him he gets to be Tigger this year but he was a good sport!! I got Holden a roo costume to cause there really should be only one Tigger but Holden loved it! So there was two! Tyson came over earlier and had to put them both on the pooh and tigger he loved them too maybe the spirit of Halloween runs in my family!!!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Garner villiage..

We went to look at the witches and of course see the horses. Holden tries to pick up every pumpkin he saw.

Scarecrow festival

We had so much fun!! Holden loves to ride horses he gets so excites when he sees one but calls them "MOO!" We went with some of his neighbor friends and Kaylee and Chase. Holden loves them!

Holden playing with Daddy...

Holden love to play outside!! He climbed up there and was laughing at daddy working!

Friday, October 12, 2007

Lake POwell

We went to Lake Powell in August. These pics were just to cute not to put on here!!

Trip to Arizonia

We went to Arizona in July for my cousins wedding. This was Holdens first time to meet his great grandparents.

Holden is starting young...

He is trying to be like mommy! But look at how happy he is.

Thursday, October 11, 2007


Re family went to St.George. Holden had so much fun playing with his cousins!! We took them to the St. George temple and let them clinb up the stairs they thought it was so much fun!!!