Saturday, September 20, 2008

I have been tagged!!!

6 random facts about me!!

1. I love to people watch! I am not crazy if I sit there and stare!! I love to watch people and there quirks. I love to go to public places. Lagoon is my fave there are some crazy people there. Mabey thats why I love it so much!!!

2. I love to watch kids learn new things ok who doesnt but this is one of my fave things. Chase the little bot I nanny just learned all the letters in the alphabet I am so proud but even more I love to see how proud he was.

3. I let Holden sleep with us till he was 2 thats right I admit it now. I think I denied it for awhile but there was something about not having him right by me!! I love his big boy bed but I will admit when he falls off in the middle of the night I let him climb in with me I love snuggling up with him!!!

4. I am very competitive! I have to win everything. Even if I say you win in my head I always win!! I love to play games but I I get so into it!! I am sorry I try to calm down when we are playing games.

5.I make a trip to Maverik at least twice a day!!! I have a money cup just for maverik. I know I am pathetic!!!

6.My fave treat besides my Maverik trip, I love pickels and ranch I am sure there are people on here that could go on and on about me eating pickels. I used to go over to peoples houses and Ask do you have any pickels I ate many many jars of peopleS!!! THanks for that!!

So there you go that was very hard I could not think of any other random facts I guess I think I am pretty normal! HAHAHA!! I know I am not!!!
Anyways I tag Timmette,Jamie,Casie,Cheri,Dana and Heather.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Pooeys ALL GROWN UP!!!

My little sister who will always be 10 in my eyes married Chance Noyes yesterday!! They gave us 3 weeks to plan it and it turned out so nice!! Chance leaves into the army in a few days so they wanted to get married before he left!!Holden wanted to swim! but kept sayine mom I need my swimsuit!! WOW What a day!! I am happy for my little POOEY!!!