Friday, April 25, 2008

Movie Night

I have wanted to see the new Emma Smith movie since I saw previews. I was sure it was going to be good and a good tear jerker. I went tonight and walked out of there with tears streaming down my cheeks. I have never really thought about all that she went through. It amazed me to see. Losing baby after baby. Losing her family. Getting ridicule from everyone. Being there for her husband. It made me realize I dont have it so bad! I am so thankful for all I do have. Not to mention I am so thankful for what she did. You hear behind every good man there is a amazing woman . I would not have been able to do all she did, She is an amazing example. I suggest going to see it but take tissues!!!

Monday, April 21, 2008

I love being a mom!!

There is truly nothing better than hearing "MOM!!!" I love it! I love being the one who he chooses to cuddle with when he is hurt,tired or sick! I love being the one who he runs to when he is so proud of himself just too see me smile!! I love being the one who he loves to play with on the floor!!

Trip to Cali

We had so much fun on are trip to San Fran. We got to see Caseys brother Mike who we dont get to see very often and his cute fiance. We got to see the golden gate bridge,fishermans warf(then Holden had to walk around the rest of the day barking like the seals.) China town,pier 39 all the other fun stuff to see!! That night came and Holden was getting fussy all it took was one look at his face he you could see he was sick. We checked his temp and it was 103. then came on the asthma attack!! Really my poor son!! I sent Casey and Mike all over town to find Holden a nebulizer they were troopers so I let them go golfing! (I know I know I am so nice!!) The highlight of the trip was to see Holden at the beach he has never seen the beach and he loves the water! I knew he would love it! We went to Santa Cruz and I have never seen anything like it! We took Holden down to the water and he would not touch it when I tried he would raise his feet up. After touching it once he was hooked I was chasing after him so he wouldnt jump in fever and all he was so much fun!!! Thanks Case for such a fun trip!!!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

I love the warm weather!

These last two days have been so warm outside we have had so much fun!! Holden sits at the front door "saying go go" All he wants to do is play outside!! He was so tired tonight but wanted to stay outside! I love it! I love watching him play with bugs he thinks they were put here to entertain him. I love to watch him jump on the tramp. I love to watch him play with the neighbor kids. He is getting so big I guess what i am trying to say is I am so thankful to be his mom. We have so much fun together!!

I would have to say the highlight of the day was watching him chase a butterfly I have never seen anything so funny in all of my life!! I guess for his birthday I need to get him a butterfly net. I am such a girl anyone know where to get one??? I know all my posts are about him but truly there is nothing better than to see him playing!! I am so lucky!!!

Sunday, April 6, 2008


Here you ok tagged abc style!!!
A Attached or single/ Attached
B Best Friend? Casey Mckell
C Cake/pie I am a salty girl but pie
D Day of choice I would say Sat or Sun
E Essential Item Jamie I would say your right a camera I aint very good but I love to take pics of Holden
F Fave color Blue
G Gummy bears/worms Gummy bears
H Hometown West Jordan although Lehi feels like home to
I Fav Indulgence I love to get pedicures
J January or July 100% July
K Kids one sweet little boy Holden who is the light of my life!!
L Life isnt complete without My sweet husband and baby! They make life worth living!!
M Marriage date January 29th 2004
N Numbers of brother and sisters 2 sisters and 3 brothers although I do have some of the best inlaws to so really 7 sisters and 7 brothers!!
O oranges or apples Oranges
P phobia or fears snakes,spiders,bees,mice I dont like creepy crawlies
Q Quote dance like no ones in the room
R Reason to smile Family Friends Life
S Season Fall I love Fall
T Who i tag Dana,Carly, Erin, Casie, Jill, Hayley
U unknown fact about me I am pretty open I truly cant think of one I love people I love to serve anywhere I can I love to entertain
V Veggie artichoke if you have never tried it they are ssssssooooo good!!!
W Worst habit giving Holden soda k thats not my worst but who wants to point out there bad habits!!
x xray or ultrasound ultrasound
y your fav food Spaggetti cucumbers pickels ketchup
z zodiac sign Taurus

Yeah for me I did!!


Ever since I can remember my grandparents would hide money and we would have to find it. It has always been one of my fave things. You would think with how we all get into it there would be hundereds but if you are lucky you walk away with 20.00. I have seen my sweet brothers and sisters push,bite, and pull hair to get there 20.00. It is a good time. This year we had two one for all the great grandkids and one for the grandkids. Holden got 15.00 with a little bit of help from mom and dad. He had so much fun.

The highlight of this year was my grandparents hid a 1 million dollar bill they said who ever found it gets ten dollars and the search was on. Once again ten dollars??? But we all decided it was the princaple behind it. Well CONGRATS Casie and Josh they were the big winners!!

Jungle Jims and Bounce Barn

I love to take holden to do fun things most of you that know me I can not stay at home for to long. I love to get out and play. I love to sit and watch people. But most of all I love to see Holden so happy im not saying that he isnt happy at home cause he is but I feel like he is getting so big and loves to try new things. So first I took him and Kaylee and Chase to jungle Jims and my sister and neice came and met us we had such a great time.

For Holdens 2nd birthday we are going to rent him another big bounce house and I didnt know which one to get him so we went to bounce barn to check it out he loved it! He could do a few all by himself and some I had to carry him and help him which I loved he is still my baby even if he doesnt want to be. We had such a great time!!

Friday, April 4, 2008

We Love ALL our Neighbors!!!

I have to write a post on how lucky we are to have the neighbors we have!! Holden loves all of his little buddies he will bang on his window, front door, back door and start naming names who he wants to play with!! I love it! So Thank you all for being so good to him!!(as well as Casey and I) We love you all!!!