Sunday, April 6, 2008


Here you ok tagged abc style!!!
A Attached or single/ Attached
B Best Friend? Casey Mckell
C Cake/pie I am a salty girl but pie
D Day of choice I would say Sat or Sun
E Essential Item Jamie I would say your right a camera I aint very good but I love to take pics of Holden
F Fave color Blue
G Gummy bears/worms Gummy bears
H Hometown West Jordan although Lehi feels like home to
I Fav Indulgence I love to get pedicures
J January or July 100% July
K Kids one sweet little boy Holden who is the light of my life!!
L Life isnt complete without My sweet husband and baby! They make life worth living!!
M Marriage date January 29th 2004
N Numbers of brother and sisters 2 sisters and 3 brothers although I do have some of the best inlaws to so really 7 sisters and 7 brothers!!
O oranges or apples Oranges
P phobia or fears snakes,spiders,bees,mice I dont like creepy crawlies
Q Quote dance like no ones in the room
R Reason to smile Family Friends Life
S Season Fall I love Fall
T Who i tag Dana,Carly, Erin, Casie, Jill, Hayley
U unknown fact about me I am pretty open I truly cant think of one I love people I love to serve anywhere I can I love to entertain
V Veggie artichoke if you have never tried it they are ssssssooooo good!!!
W Worst habit giving Holden soda k thats not my worst but who wants to point out there bad habits!!
x xray or ultrasound ultrasound
y your fav food Spaggetti cucumbers pickels ketchup
z zodiac sign Taurus

Yeah for me I did!!


Cort,Jamie,&kids said...

Good job Whit. Took ya long enough! J/K

E Winzeler said...

Cute! I like that TAG, it's different than all the other TAG's. One thing came as no shock to me, you love to serve. You are always looking out for other and how you can better their lives. I truly admire you for that. You are one awesome woman Whit! I feel lucky to be friends with you and have our little "top secret" chats.

Cort,Jamie,&kids said...

So, didn't you say that you were going to be updating this thing more often...mmm, looks like you better get on that!

Villarreal's said...

Ah lady! I wish I could be a trainer! No worries, after this baby comes out I will be back on the schedule, so u are more than welcome to join me. I think a friend and a good schedule helps set a good routine!