Saturday, April 25, 2009


How in the world do I have a little man that plays Soccer!! Holden is getting so big it makes me sad but is so much fun to watch!!! My sister called me to see if I waned to put Holden on Chases (cousin) Soccer team. Of course I jumped right on it!! Cortney is the coach (Chases dad) which makes it that much more fun!! He did so good today chased tha ball everywhere and when it was his turn to sit out he cried and cried He couldnt wait for his turn to go back in!!! He is so big I love watching him get big!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


So we are now 5 weeks old and in are first newborn outfit!!! I had to post pics cause she is so dang cute!!! Holden also started soccer this past weekend!! He was such a stud he listened so hard to his coach (Who also is his uncle Cort!) He did as good as all the 4 year olds on his team!! I forgot my camera but I promise I wont this weekend!!! I love my kiddos!!!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Holden and Hadlie

Everyone says they looks so much alike so I thought I would post pictures you tell me what you think???

Saturday, April 4, 2009

My little miracle!!!

This pregnancy has been really hard for me!! Not just because I am awful at it!!! But very emotional! At 20 weeks they started telling me problems the baby is growing right, Her kidneys are large. It went on and on and it seemed every appointment they would add something on top of it!!! Then my blood pressure started to rise and they made me stay in the hospital it was so hard to be away from Holden I missed him every second!! Casey was great to bring him up to visit!! I finally talked the dr. in to letting me go home and go on bed rest and Casey's mom came out to help Thanks so much Dana!!! I managed with lots of help to keep her in for 2 weeks. I was so happy!!! Amazing she was born with not one problem!!! HEr kidneys are normal size and she is just perfect!!! NO nicu I am sogreatful I got to bring her home!!
This past 10 days watching my sweet little angel struggle with RSV has been the hardest thing I think I have ever done!!! I took her into her dr. everyday for a cold and Thursday the 25th just 2 weeks of her being born they rushed her in an ambulance up to Primarys. I know so many of you have been calling and I am so sorry I have been awful to report it was hard to talk because I was seeing no improvement!! For so long!! She was on a machine to help her breath till yesterday and now she is on oxygen and a humidifier!! I am so greatful for all your prayers for all your calls for all the help with Holden and Casey!! Feeding him has been so helpful!!! We got to leave the ICU yesterday and now we are in the infant unit at primarys but we both are doing good!!! Her spirit amazes me she is the BEST baby the only time I have heard a cry from her is when the suction her out!!! Very diffrent from Holden!!! I love her so much and am so thankful I get to be her mom!!! I am sorry for all the rambling I havent got much sleep!!! But know I am so greatful for everyones help!!!!