Monday, May 9, 2011

Holden turns 5

Holden asked since HAdlie got her party at Classic we were going to have his there to. we took a bunch of his little buddies and let them bounce and skate. Holden wanted the game cave room with a kinect so we got that too!! To much to do and I think they played for ten minutes in there. Holden was so happy. He has so many great friends!!!

No training wheels!!!!

Holden got a BIG BOY BIKE for his 5 th birthday!( Post coming soon!!! He picked up on it in one day!!! It is his very fave thing to do!!! I have to admit it made me tear up a little!! He is getting so big!!!

No training wheels!!!!

Hadlie turns two!!!!

It seems like yesterday I held my little four pound baby in my arms. Now I have a big 2 year old. Time goes by to fast!!! We had her birthday at Classic. She had a ball. She loves to skate and loves all her darling little friends!!! We had a princess party. Or what Hadlie says a "lella" Party. I think she had 30 plus guests. And got so many fun things. She is so much fun!!! She is ALL girl. But loves to do everything with her "Brubber." I am so lucky to get to stay home with her everyday!!!