Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My sister

When we starting looking to build are house we looked in Lehi, Riverton, West Jordan, South Jordan and Herriman. I was drawn to Herriman because my sister and brother lived there. I wanted my kids to grow up with there cousins. I didnt get to see mine a lot growing up. I love it here although 1/2 of my reason of living here is LEAVING!!! They say they are coming back!! But Jamie and Cort are moving to Arizona. When they talked about going it didnt seem real, Now that there house is sold stuff packed and Cort there!! I think it is!! Dang it!! I am so thankful for sisters!! Jamie has helped so much in raising me!!! She has taught me what a mom should be!! and what a wife should be!! Cort is an amazing dad and is always willing to come over and hang curtains paint a room or hang a picture!! (Sorry Case you arent a fix it man!!) The Welker kids are about as cute as they come!! taylor has a heart of gold!! Chase is Holden 's best friend!! Talan is one of the cutest kids in the world!! And Easton well he is such a people pleaser!!! I know I know its just Arizona but its not 5 minutes away!!! Welkers we will miss you guys like crazy!!! Cant wait to come visit!! Promise to keep your blog updated and post a ton of pics!! Love you guys!!!

Tea Party!!!!

My dads cute wife Maryan set up a tea party for all the grandkids!! Another going away party for Jamie and Cort!!( Who we are going to miss like crazy!!!!!!) The kids loved it!!! Holden was so excited! He loves his cousins and any time he can play with them is a GREAT time!!! Maryan went all out!! Made star shaped sandwiches, Made Creamy chocolate desserts!!! Cookies, Brownies, Crackers, Cucumber sandwiches, hot coco and a yummy Pineapple juice!! The table was set up so cute!! Thanks Maryan for all your hard work!!! You know how to throw a party!!!!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Mom's china!!!

Ever since I was a little girl I wanted my own china. plates, bowls,cups the whole ordeal!!! I got some but you know the 15.00 dollar kind from Target!! I got a special gift last night my moms china!! As I left my dads I called my sweet Aunt in Arizona and asked her about it!! I knew it was from Iran but it was even more special than that. Her mom and dad bought it when they lived there and when there daughters got married they spilt it up!! It wasnt a full set So me and my 3 sisters went over and split it up and tried to be as fare as possible. I feel like a little girl going to play tea party!! I love it!! I know I am a dork!! But it is beautiful. And even more so it was my momma's!!1

Sunday, June 6, 2010


Hadlie is almost 15 months old!! It kills me how big she is and how fast!!! She is ALL girl!!! She is afraid of almost everything. She was such a good baby and so chill but she is getting a little attitude!! She loves shoes, babies, tea sets!!! Anything girl!! Although I think her first love is Holden and she loves her Daddy!!! I am hoping it is because she never sees him but yes she prefers him over me! She is an amazing sleeper!!! but she always has been! All she needs is her blanket binkie and sound machine and her crib!! She started little so as no surprise she still is she weighs only 18 pounds. But she will eat anything you give her!!! I love my Hadlie bug!!!

I am a Grizz kid!!

I am a little behind but Holden graduated from his first year of preschool. He went to Copperhills high with his best buddy Aidan. I loved how the ratio was one to one. I remember doing preschool in Highschool and I loved the kids so I knew how much love and attention he was going to get!! It was a fight almost every other time to get ready but once we were there he Loved it!!! His fave was a girl named Whitney. Which didnt shock me he is such a flirt!!! I found out a the grsduation that he said she was his girlfriend!! I love that kid!!! It was so fun to see him singing a bunch of songs they had a cute slideshow of all the kids and Holden was ALWAYS smiling!!! and hula dancing!! It was quite the 3 year old graduation!!! Love you bud and I am so proud of you!!!!