Sunday, June 6, 2010


Hadlie is almost 15 months old!! It kills me how big she is and how fast!!! She is ALL girl!!! She is afraid of almost everything. She was such a good baby and so chill but she is getting a little attitude!! She loves shoes, babies, tea sets!!! Anything girl!! Although I think her first love is Holden and she loves her Daddy!!! I am hoping it is because she never sees him but yes she prefers him over me! She is an amazing sleeper!!! but she always has been! All she needs is her blanket binkie and sound machine and her crib!! She started little so as no surprise she still is she weighs only 18 pounds. But she will eat anything you give her!!! I love my Hadlie bug!!!

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Diane... said...

she is so darn cute Whitney!!! and congrates to your graduate!!!! You're too young to have those big kids!!!! COME SEE US !!!!!!!