Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tea Party!!!!

My dads cute wife Maryan set up a tea party for all the grandkids!! Another going away party for Jamie and Cort!!( Who we are going to miss like crazy!!!!!!) The kids loved it!!! Holden was so excited! He loves his cousins and any time he can play with them is a GREAT time!!! Maryan went all out!! Made star shaped sandwiches, Made Creamy chocolate desserts!!! Cookies, Brownies, Crackers, Cucumber sandwiches, hot coco and a yummy Pineapple juice!! The table was set up so cute!! Thanks Maryan for all your hard work!!! You know how to throw a party!!!!

1 comment:

Windy said...

How freaking adorable is that? So now when are you going to host one for all hadlie's friends (hint hint) Love it!!