Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A night with the ladies!!!

I live in the best neighborhood ever!! I am so lucky to have so many great friends that are so close!!! We decided that we are going to try to go on a overnighter every 6 months or so! So a week or two ago I called my dad and he was sweet enough to get us a killer deal at a condo in Snowbird!! It was amazing!! Even though I have been there every year since I was little! I think this trip was one of my faves!! We went out to eat at Porcupine grill and since I have dieting like crazy and my friends tell me I am not as much fun!! I splurged I had pasta for the first time in a LONG time. It was so YUMMY!!! After we stopped at 7/11, got slurpees and headed up the mountain. We got there and chilled played some games, Laughed, Talked, and went on a nice walk to see THE AMAZING POOL!!!! We decided we were going to take up cheap gifts.( One of are favorite's things!!!) It was so fun!! On are balcony we had are own 2 man hot tub we didnt care and fit 6 of us in!! Then stayed up till 2am Which if you know me I need my sleep so that is impressive!!! The next day we woke up made breakfast and laid by the pool!! We had a few extra friends (Squirels) That some of us were a little scared of!!! I thought they were kind of cute for the first hour after that they were annoying and I wanted to smash them!!! After we went to Calah's and chilled and watched a movie!! I cant tell you how much fun I had!! I love these girls! All for diffrent reasons!! Thanks girlie s for another trip I will never forget!!!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Over the fourth of July we went to Herriman carnival. They had a Karate booth and they were giving Karate lessons a month for only 20.00 dollars! So we were all over it and signed up!! The GEE was included and so dang cute!! He loves it! He goes with his buddy Boston!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

My poor camera!!!

So my camera is broken so I havent been able to take pics of my cute kiddos!!! My sweet neighbor (love ya Timette!!) Is letting me use her old one!! So every chance I get I take some pics now!!! How cute are these two on are way to church today!!!

The Beach or The Res!!!!

Last year they built a fun little reservoir by my house!! We have so much fun when we go!! The water is freezing so the kids love the sand more!!! I love my neighbors they are always up for anything!!! Here are some of Holden and Hadlies buddies!!!