Monday, February 4, 2008

Cancer Walk

As I am sure some of you can tell Im not good with words or typing but... This is something I am very strong about!! I lost my mom to breast cancer almost 8 years ago and ever since I wanted to do something but nothing ever felt good enough so I did the human thin or I should say the Whitney thing and did nothing!!! My friend Tiffany who just lost her grandma to cancer is trying to make a diffrence. \ I am sure all of you have had cancer impact your life one way or another. If you are interested Tiffany is putting together a team in the first annual Herriman and Riverton cancer walk it is in August and from what she said lots of fun. Here is a website to check it out if you are interested WWW.MAIN.ACSEVENTS.ORG/GOTO/SILCOX Are team is team silcox!! you can come sign up with us!!! If you have any questions call me.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Starting Young

Ok how much do I love my husband!! I jumped in the shower and I heard the vacuum going I thought it was so sweet! Then I saw Holden he was vacuuming I am one lucky lady!! When I tried to turn it off he starting to cry for half n hour so CUTE!!!

Holden is growing up!!!

I had to post these of Holden and is friends!! I love it that he is getting big enough to have play group or have a friends come over!! But at the same time is growing up way to fast!!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Pictures of HOlden

I wanted to show you how cute Holden is. My sister has picked up a new hobby and I love it!!! Go to my page and click on family of 5. Holden eyes just pop! Sha is very talented and I want a disk. I also think she is going to start taking pictures of friends so if you are due for a family pic let me know. She says she wants the practice. They are CUTE thanks jamie!!!

Friday, February 1, 2008

Its been to long!!!

Ok so there really is nothing better than watching your dad rollerskate!! I love family parties I really love any kind of party but a rollerskating party is always the best!!! I thought these were funny so I had to post them!!!