Sunday, February 3, 2008

Starting Young

Ok how much do I love my husband!! I jumped in the shower and I heard the vacuum going I thought it was so sweet! Then I saw Holden he was vacuuming I am one lucky lady!! When I tried to turn it off he starting to cry for half n hour so CUTE!!!


JT, Carly, Boston, and Snuggles said...

So cute. I can't even turn on the vacuum or Boston SCREAMS! He especially hates my hand vac! Your pics are so cute. I can't believe how big Holden is getting. I thought it was the cutest the other day when I told him "Happy 21 months" and he said "Thank You!" I love that pic of him and Boston .. I want a copy!

Cort,Jamie,&kids said...

Atta boy Casey! What a guy. Did you go to church today? Ours was canceled cause of the snow. Cort actually got his car stuck at the bottom of our driveway on his way home from meetings. And our trampoline is almost completely buried. We should go sledding!