Friday, June 27, 2008

I have been tagged!!!

Thanks Audrey!! I blame you to Maria!!!

20 years ago! Really I barely remember yesterday! I was 5 years old so probably playing at Lake Powell with the fam, beating up my little sister,(that age I could beat her up!) Prob getting beat up by my 4 older brothers and sister!! Getting ready for kindergarten!!

10 years ago! I was 15 I know for a fact I was prob at Lagoon or Classic skating. I was there everyother day!! Dreaming of getting my license. Falling in love with my new boyfriend!! Oh the problems I had!!! I started high school and I met Casey in math class!!

So I know this pic wasnt 15 years ago I was preggers with Holden however it was the only pic I had of me rollerblading!!

5 years ago! I was graduating from beauty school. Planning a wedding. We moved to Maryland so Casey could train for a job!Fighting off the bugs there. I am a Utah girl all the way! Going to Girls camp I was camp director! Which I loved!!!!

3 years ago! We bulit are house in Herriman! Bought are first puppy. I started nannying the Rigby kids!! Going to Lake Powell with the fam!! I dont know just trying to play barbie and ken in are perfect little dream house! How FUN!!!

In the past year
Had so much fun playing with Holden, Watching him grow up! Planned the funnest 2 year birthday party, Went to sanfran to see casey's brother,Went to Disneyland for a day! Thanks, Timmette!! Had fun playing my friedns and family!! So I am addicted to playing!! HEE HEE

Yesterday! I watched Bossy in the morning! I went to gateway to play in the fountains with some neighbors, Rode a choo choo (TRAX) Holden loved it!!! Ate something I shouldnt have! (Galblatter surgery is so much fun!!) Got sick tried to go to the horse parade in Lehi! Came home and sat on the bathroom floor till eleven. I dont remember the rest!! SAD FOR ME!! Thanks Casey for helping with Holden!!

Today! Watching Bossy, Prob going swimming, cleaning my house, doing laundry thanks car!! My washer is still broken!! Hanging out with my hubby!! MAbey going on a date!!

Tomorrow! Going to the Lehi parade!! Then going to the carnival! We talked about mabey going up the canyon going fishing! Holden loves to fish! Hes like his DADDY!! At night going to a concert with Carly!! FUN FUN!!

Holy cow that took me forever!! I tag Timmette, Molly, and Jamie.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

South Jordan Parade

Me and a neighbor decided to take are kiddos to the South Jordan parade and even though it started a tad rocky!! We got there and no one was there, we thought we were in the wrong area, we had to walk about mile with 4 kids DOESNT THAT SOUND FUN!! It was the kids loved it! Holdens fave was a puppy named Rover he kept saying where the puppy go??
and of course all the candy!!! He is so fun!! He is my little buddy and I am loving seeing his face doing all the fun things we do!!! All you from lehi! Are you going to rodeo for roundup days??? We have had so much fun doing All the activities!! I am such a nerd!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

A little campfire!!

one of my neighbors had the idea to go up to butterfield canyon about 10 min from my house!! We did a campfire, the kids played in the little stream, climbed up a huge dirt hill, ate dinner, roasted marshmellows and STARBURST they are so GOOD!! Crunchy on the outside and soft and chewy on the inside!! YUM!! We had so much fun!! We missed ALL of you that werent there!! WE will for sure have to do it again!!!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Happy Fathers day!!

So I know most of my posts are all about Holden and tha sappy mom I am!! So I thought with fathers day and stuff I should let Casey know how GREAT I think he is!!! Casey and I met in high school are 10th grade year!! We have so many fun memories and I know I could NEVER EVER have gone through what I have without him!! I love watching him with Holden and Holden adores him!! He truly is my best friend!! Thanks babe for all of are fun memories!!! Thanks for ALWAYS making me laugh!! I love you!!!

I had to put something up for my dad!! I am so blessed to have the dad I have!! I look up to him so much!! He is always there to listen to me and help me through anything!! He had to step up and help me through some of the hardest time of my life!!! He is a wonderful grandpa to Holden!! I have some amazing men in my life!! Thank you for being such a great example to me!! Thank you for teaching and having the gospel in are home!! I love you so much!!!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Another day at "GOON!!!"

Holden fell asleep on are way up there!! He got out of the car All upset and groggy! Saw the white rollercoaster and said "Mommy GOON I go I go!!" we had so much fun!!! I promise not all my posts will be Lagoon but how cute are these pics!!
Theresa my sister in law met me there and Holdens new adopted grandma Liz and her nephew Josh!! We had so much FUN!!! Want to go yet???

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


I think I have tried to talk alot of you into buying a season pass if I havent I am sorry I gave up cause all the NOS I was gettin!! If you have intrest look at how cute my pics are!! I think you should and if you dont call me when your family goes we will come play with you!!I love Lagoon!!
Last year when I sterted young my mom used to get me a season pass we had so much fun there playing!! When Holden started walking I asked Casey if we could them he said no well this year he caved and I am so glad he did!! Casey woke up today and said LETS GO!! Yeah I know I just had surgery but I really didnt do much!!! Seeing Holdens face on rides was the CUTEST thing Ive ever seen next to seeing Mickey at Disneyland!! This will be my disneyland for a while, He loved it!! And through him it took me back to when I was little with my mom and dad!! If anyone wants to go I will be making a weekly or biweekly trip up there it is well worth it!!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Girls nite out!!

After singing me Happy Birthday!! I still dont know how this happened!! Mabey cause I kept "Getting fresh air!!"

ok so I dont know if I should post this!!! We went on a little girls nite out we went shopping, eating, and swimming!!! I was sick and I am sure a little whiney!! I am sure it was so fun to get away from there kids and listening to me whine!! HEe hEE But it was so much FUN!!! We need to do it again!! Everyone needs to come next time and I promise I wont get sick well I will try my hardest!!!