Friday, June 27, 2008

I have been tagged!!!

Thanks Audrey!! I blame you to Maria!!!

20 years ago! Really I barely remember yesterday! I was 5 years old so probably playing at Lake Powell with the fam, beating up my little sister,(that age I could beat her up!) Prob getting beat up by my 4 older brothers and sister!! Getting ready for kindergarten!!

10 years ago! I was 15 I know for a fact I was prob at Lagoon or Classic skating. I was there everyother day!! Dreaming of getting my license. Falling in love with my new boyfriend!! Oh the problems I had!!! I started high school and I met Casey in math class!!

So I know this pic wasnt 15 years ago I was preggers with Holden however it was the only pic I had of me rollerblading!!

5 years ago! I was graduating from beauty school. Planning a wedding. We moved to Maryland so Casey could train for a job!Fighting off the bugs there. I am a Utah girl all the way! Going to Girls camp I was camp director! Which I loved!!!!

3 years ago! We bulit are house in Herriman! Bought are first puppy. I started nannying the Rigby kids!! Going to Lake Powell with the fam!! I dont know just trying to play barbie and ken in are perfect little dream house! How FUN!!!

In the past year
Had so much fun playing with Holden, Watching him grow up! Planned the funnest 2 year birthday party, Went to sanfran to see casey's brother,Went to Disneyland for a day! Thanks, Timmette!! Had fun playing my friedns and family!! So I am addicted to playing!! HEE HEE

Yesterday! I watched Bossy in the morning! I went to gateway to play in the fountains with some neighbors, Rode a choo choo (TRAX) Holden loved it!!! Ate something I shouldnt have! (Galblatter surgery is so much fun!!) Got sick tried to go to the horse parade in Lehi! Came home and sat on the bathroom floor till eleven. I dont remember the rest!! SAD FOR ME!! Thanks Casey for helping with Holden!!

Today! Watching Bossy, Prob going swimming, cleaning my house, doing laundry thanks car!! My washer is still broken!! Hanging out with my hubby!! MAbey going on a date!!

Tomorrow! Going to the Lehi parade!! Then going to the carnival! We talked about mabey going up the canyon going fishing! Holden loves to fish! Hes like his DADDY!! At night going to a concert with Carly!! FUN FUN!!

Holy cow that took me forever!! I tag Timmette, Molly, and Jamie.


leslie jo said...

Hey I am going to be at the Lehi Carnival and Parade. I hope to see you!

Christiansense said...

I didn't know you went to hair school. I love that you went to classic all the time. I was a little bitter about that place because sometimes I wouldn't get picked at "snowball" :( lol.

Windy said...

So cute how fun you are!! I am sad that you got so sick. UGGGG!! I love that picture of you two next to the temple! Love it! Good TImes good memories. I cannot believe how young you are. 20 years ago?? I was 8 so I guess we are not that far in age..hehe

E Winzeler said...

Love the pictures of you and Casey in highschool...I think with mine I'd have to touch them up a bit with a little more clothing :)Fun post! Hope you are feeling much better and the concert rocked!

Cort,Jamie,&kids said...

I like this tag! But what's up with the probably getting beat up by my brothers and sisters comment? I know that wasn't referring to me!

leslie jo said...

I didn't see you at the Lehi Days... but there were tons of people there. I hope you had a great weekend and figure out how to scan in color. It was really fun to read about your life!

Tsanders said...

Hey whitney, it is your cousin in AZ. You sure do a lot of fun things. It reminds me of when my kids were little and loved to go, go, go. I'm a huge blog stalker so Im sure I'll be back. Your Holden is a cutie.

LindsSawyer said...

You did live at lagoon when you were a teen! Super funny I had to laugh when I read that lagoon and classic skating....Funny! I have to be honest lagoon is one of my least favorite places maybe cause I don't have kids yet but I was there last night with the nieces and nephews and only lasted 2 hours....Jas and Mel live on the mountain behind lagoon so I swiftly left and went to their house...Funny post!