Thursday, June 26, 2008

South Jordan Parade

Me and a neighbor decided to take are kiddos to the South Jordan parade and even though it started a tad rocky!! We got there and no one was there, we thought we were in the wrong area, we had to walk about mile with 4 kids DOESNT THAT SOUND FUN!! It was the kids loved it! Holdens fave was a puppy named Rover he kept saying where the puppy go??
and of course all the candy!!! He is so fun!! He is my little buddy and I am loving seeing his face doing all the fun things we do!!! All you from lehi! Are you going to rodeo for roundup days??? We have had so much fun doing All the activities!! I am such a nerd!


audrey said...

You are always having fun! Thanks for adding some of that to my life, not to mention my kids lives! They love you!

Windy said...

I am glad that I am the neighbor that got to go with you. It was a blast. Thanks for the fun times!!

Cort,Jamie,&kids said...

I am totally digging Holden's shades! What was the parade for? And how do you always know about these things? Hope you guys had fun fishing! We need to take our kids up there one of these days, they keep asking.