Sunday, April 6, 2008


Ever since I can remember my grandparents would hide money and we would have to find it. It has always been one of my fave things. You would think with how we all get into it there would be hundereds but if you are lucky you walk away with 20.00. I have seen my sweet brothers and sisters push,bite, and pull hair to get there 20.00. It is a good time. This year we had two one for all the great grandkids and one for the grandkids. Holden got 15.00 with a little bit of help from mom and dad. He had so much fun.

The highlight of this year was my grandparents hid a 1 million dollar bill they said who ever found it gets ten dollars and the search was on. Once again ten dollars??? But we all decided it was the princaple behind it. Well CONGRATS Casie and Josh they were the big winners!!


Singhappy2 said...

Man - I would have been out there looking!!!! Hey - read all the girls posts, I did ALL of them on the front page - but you have to go to older posts to read nikki's and ali's. They are all called Musings - and I wrote them all on the plane in Nov coming to see you. Ali wanted me to put them up so I did.

Cort,Jamie,&kids said...

So, so cute! What a handsome little man you got there. I wonder who got him that amazingly adorable shirt, obivously someone with excellent taste!

Christiansens said...

What a cute idea, that is so fun that you guys have fun famly traditions like that.

Casie said...

Hey, I didn't win. It was my hubby all the way and he is not sharing his victory! :) That was so fun though! I loved visiting with you guys and everyone. We watched my mom's video of the hunt and you could see all the girls go to that rock and try to lift it up! And then Josh walks over and moves it like nothing. Blast it, my weak arms! :) It was so funny to watch!