Thursday, October 14, 2010

Disneyland 2010

We had a AMAZING trip to my Fave place in the world!!! Disneyland!!! Casey couldnt get off work so I decided I would still go and take Holden and Hadlie. I have a friend who does this all the time for the day so I thought hey if she can do it I cando it!! It was alot harder than I thought but totally worth it! HAdlie who I thought would have no reaction surpised me the most she loved it! She loved the rides loved the characters!!! Holden was big enough to go on the Tower of terror, Splash mountain, Thunder railroad and space mountain!! He is getting to big. If you ask him his fave ride is Buzz and tower of terror. He is brave!! We had 19 people in are group Jamie and her fam, Ryan and his fam, My dad and Maryan and her 3 kids. It was a long drive but very worth it!!

Holden and Chase havent seen eachother since August. They are the best of friends. They wanted to ride all the rides by themselves. We got in the line for space mountain. And those two wanted to ride with eachother I was a little nervous puting my 4 year old on that ride little own with another 4 year old!!! It was SCARY and NOT Disneyland SCARY!!! SCARY!!! Some red ghost guy! I didnt like it!! When the ride stopped I looked back and CHase had big tears in his eyes and Holden said Mom I wanted to ride with you!!! HAHAHA!!!

I love my family!! Thanks guys for such a great trip!!!


Kristine said...

Holden is looking more like his dad! Disneyland is so fun! Glad you had help!

Cort,Jamie&kids said...

It was so very fun! So good to get together and see you all too. We will have to do it again super soon.

Windy said...

How fun, I am so glad you went. You are an amazing mommy! your kids will always remember these moments...good job!! Loved seeing these pictures!