Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Once a year my dad gets his condo at Snowbird I try to go up as much as I can cause hey its a free trip!! and its only 30 minutes away love it!!! We went up Saturday night and my friend Timette and her kiddos came we went swimming and hung out!! Spent the night and watched confrence up there~!!! Which is so fun to listen to are prophets and look outside the window and see how beautiful are world is!!! Anyways I invited a couple of my friends up Tuesday night but a couple of them have kids in school so I didtn know if it would happen, Leave it to my friends but THEY CAME!!! It was so fun we swam played in the hot tub, Ate so much food, Watched movies!! I love it up there!!!

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Windy said...

TOO MUCH FUN!! Thanx 4 letting us come it was tonz of fun! We luv our Whitney!!