Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The North Pole Express

I entered a contest on a radio contest for 4 tickets to the North Pole Express, Which is on the Heber Creeper railroad. I found out I won 3 hours before I had to leave!!! So I called CAsey at work and told him and he couldnt get off work!! DANG IT!!! (But very thankfu;l he is such a hard worker!!!) So I called my friend Timmette who has a little guy just a month older than Holden who is his "best buddy." And she was all for it!!! Thankfully my sisters watched HAdlie and we had a mommy son date!!! We got up there with not a second to spare!! ANd jumped on the train. It was an hour and a half bumpy ride and thankful for Timette her and I sang songs the whole way!!! Holden and Adian were amazing and happy to be there! Santa gave Holden a top. and then on the way home they played with Timette I touch!! I have wanted to go for years and happy I got to go for free!!! Yeah!!!

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