Saturday, October 29, 2011

Halloween mix up dinner!!!

My neighbor had a Halloween mix up dinner. She had a menu full of mixed up food items. Like BAT WINGS and Pumpkin Blood. The kids had to circle 3 things they got at a time. Holden thought it was so funny!!! He wouldnt dress up cause I told him he couldnt be captain America cause I didnt want it to get dirty. But Hadlie was a cute little mouse!!! You didnt get a fork or spoon till you circled it on the menu GRAVE DIGGERS DELIGHT AND WITCHES BROOM STICK so there could be pictures of us slurping up are food!!!!


Jamie said...

I hate that Halloween is almost here, cause then it's over! Cute pictures Whit. How fun that they do a carnival! And Hadlie is old enough to take dance?? She is a doll! Is she taking at Kris Martin's?

Casey and Whitney MCkell said...

Yes she is!!! She loves it!!! Is that where Tay took??? Crazy I remember going to her recital at South hills?? Is that when??? Did she do I LOVE SANTA CLAUS!??