Tuesday, October 13, 2009

First day of Preschool!!!

Ok so most of us have seen every Full House episode out there I have been going over and over the episode than Danny takes Michelle to school and she is ok without him and he is so sad over it!! That is how I felt I didnt want to leave him I was fighting back the tears I know lame and I am a nanny I know How important it is for kids to be with other adults!! But still SO DANG HARD!!! Anyways Holden had a great day he loved it He told me that he made a new friend who was bigger I am sure she is a high school kid(He is going to Copper=hills HIgh Preschool) Her name is Whitney like you mom and she is VERY PRETTY!!! What he is 3 starting school and already liking the older woman I am so not ok with it!!! He loved the puzzels and he was so proud of his cute flag he made!!! My little guy is growing up!!! I am so not ready for it!!!


Me in a nut shell said...

It is weird to take them to school and leave them. I had a hard time with Kenton , McKelle this year was so happy to go, so it was a little easier ( but now I had to take her out)

JaNece said...

He is such a big boy! How cute! This is just the beginning of hard times...I hate that time goes so fast. I want them to stay little forever.

Letters to Boston said...

Too cute! I'm sure he will love it.