Tuesday, January 4, 2011


We got home at 8 pm Christmas eve and started are bedtime routine. First we had to say goodbye to Georgie Our Elf!!! Who I LOVE!!! If you havent heard of elf on the shelf a much have for little ones!!! Then we read the Christmas story! The birth of are Savior! Got some cookies out for santa and the kiddos went right to bed!! I woke up at5:30 am and got ready before WAKINg up the kids HEE HEE!!! The kids woke up and saw that Santa had come!! They loved it!! HAdlie was in baby heaven and Holden was so stoked he got a DS and an Indiana Jones whip!!! This year was so much fun! We added so many fun traditions reading a Christmas book or story every night!! Was my fave!!! After we let the kids play till about 7:30 and then headed over to my dads! My dad has always loved Christmas and he GIVES AND GIVES!!! He always has a trick up his sleeve!! He hides stockings or presents or pulls out a gift! HE is the MOST giving person I know!!! For the past 2 years (in Febuary!) I have been driving Casey to work since he wrecked his truck and since his insurance was so high we didnt want to get him a car!! My dad surpised us with a car!! It is pretty old but does the trick!! Gets great gas mileage for Caseys LONG trek to work!!! We love it!!! This was also the first Christmas Maryan my dads sweet wife has been in the family!! She added so much!! She is so much fun and makes my dad so happy!!! Jamie and her fam came to and anytime Holden can spend time with his CHaser and Talon He is a happy camper!!! I love Christmas!! I love what its about!!! I love that Holden can tell me "If he was a wisemen he would follow the star and find baby Jesus." I hope you all had the best Holiday season!!!!


Cort,Jamie&kids said...

Such great memories. So glad we came! xo

JT, Carly, Boston, Jocelyn and Snuggles said...

So cute.. love that huge pile of loot Holden has!

Windy said...

Okay how cute! Hadlie looks bigger in her picture....I love how she has such girlie things and Holden is all boy....Those kids are loved that is for sure! :)