Tuesday, June 12, 2012


 We flew late at night and landed and headed straight to the the hotel.  Holden LOVED flying it was his first time remembering.  The first day Casey had to work.  So our friends the Wankiers flew up there for the day!!  Timette knows Cali like no one else. And drove us to the BEACH!!!!  Huntington was AMAZING to see.
 that same day we headed to Disney.  Timette and I have never Rapunzel so that was are first stop!!!!  

 Holden FINALLY got to fight Darth Mal and Darth Vader!!  He was the guy that got to do the "PUSH"  He felt pretty special!!!

 The second and third day we met up with Casey and we opened and closed Disney!!  We had so much.  I love watching the kids and it brings back so MANY memories of my childhood!!!

 We did Areal Grotto lunch!  We got to meet 5 princesses Both of them were in HEaven!!! 

 Hadlie was in her Tiana phase.  I wanted her to meet her so bad!!!  We went to the princess fair on the last day and SHE was there!!!!  I love her face!!!

Such a FUN trip!!  Now I have to talk Casey into going again!!!!