Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween!!!!

My FAVE holiday!! I love that the kids can dress up and pretend to be there HERO!!! My Holden was Captain America and Hadlie Cinderella!! We woke up and Sent HOlden to school. We went to the gym and then hurried home so I could do Holdens class party. It turned out so FUN!!!! Then after we came home and took naps. Then ate a yummy chili dinner. Which is a tradition in my family brings me back to when I was a kid!! Then Casey took them trick or treating!!! Holden didnt want to go very long and Tyson and Mikelle surprised us and they played outside for about a hour!!! I dont remember Halloween ever being so warm! It was so FUN!!!! After they left Holden went back out trick or treating with some neighbors!! We had so much fun!!! I think Hadlie ate a WHOLE bag of candy!!! She paid for it later!! Poor girl!!! We had a great day!!! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!

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