Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My mom

I stole these pics from my sisters blog Thanks Jamie but I wanted these pics!!! Jamie wrote some of the things she remembered and admired from my mom and as I still wipe away the tears! I wanted to do the same!!! Hope you dony mind!!

My mom always put everyone else first. She was always serving. And helping anyone or anything out! Including hurt Magpies!! Does anyone remember Maggie?

She was an avid animal lover we always had 2 plus dogs,birds,hedgehogs, rabbits, turtels you name it we had it at one time!!!

Her love for my dad was remarkable!!! Not that it would be hard!!! But she loved and served him like no one I have ever seen!!

She loved out savior I grew up in young womens getting to hear her bear her testimony week after week!!! SHe loved the temple and went often!! She aways made a huge deal out of her going now I know why!! I try to do the same with Holden!!!

She loved to shop! But mostly for great deals!!!

I love how I would go to school and come home and there would be some fun treasure on my bed!! She loved to serve but I think I said that already!!!

Lagoon, Classic her Mickey Mouse music on the tennis courts and her jammin away!!!

Lake Powell, Hawaii and Disneyland!! I hate to say this but I love that she loves the sun!! I know bad especially now!!! But she always had a nice tan!!!

I love how she loves me! She always made me feel so special!! So beautiful!!!

Her love for Tannon It kills me everyday that Holden and Hadlie dont get her here!! But man she loved that little guy!!! I know she will help them out though every way she can now!!!

Anyways I love you mom!!! Thanks so much for all you have done for me!! I miss you everyday!! It will be 10 years she hasnt been here on May 25th man how time goes by!


Cort,Jamie&kids said...

Very nice post Whit. Mom would be proud of you. You remind me of her in a lot of ways.

christiansen family said...

What a cute post towards your Mom, I couldn't even imagine not having my Mom. You are sure one strong lady!

JT, Carly, Boston, Jocelyn and Snuggles said...

She was/is awesome Whit. I remember she was always so nice to me when I started hanging around your house. I remember she bought Leslie and I these cute little porcelain tea sets for Christmas (I still have it) and she would always get me something for my birthday. I always looked up to the relationship your Mom and Dad had and how they would always kiss because my Mom and Dad never did that (I'm not sure I wanted them to .. but ya know!) You are so strong. I am sure she is so proud looking down on you.

Maria said...

I have always wondered what she looked like! She is beautiful Whit! She really was amazing, and I think you do a wonderful job trying to be just as amazing. You inspire me!

Windy said...

Oh my goodness, I cannot believe I missed this post. I am sitting here crying as tears spill across my cheeks I just want you to know I love you so much. I am sad I did not get to know your mom she sounds amazing. I can tell the kind of woman she was through you. I loved reading your post. Your mom is with you every day I have no doubt

Diane... said...

and I LOVE YOU WHIT!!!!!!