Saturday, February 20, 2010


Holden had his first soccer game today!!! He did such a great job he made 3 goals! He sat at either side of the net and waited for somebody to kick the ball down he would steal it and kick it in!! HEE HEE It was fun to watch! He plays on the team with all of his little buddies and his cousin Chase which is special because his cousin is moving away soon!! I love how close he is to him!! He had his grandparents Mckell and Grandpa Peterson and Aunt Kasey and Kayson cheering him on!!! Afterwards my dad took himand his cousins to McDonalds and played! He asked grandpa for an icecream and my dad got him a Mcflurry My dad told us that grandkids were his reward for having and dealing with 6 kids!! HEE HEE I thought it was sweet!! Here are some cute pics


Windy said...

I so want to come and cheer everyone on next week. How fun!

Cort,Jamie&kids said...

Send me those pictures! Thanks for including us. Chase is loving it!!