Thursday, May 1, 2008

Holdens birthday party!!

So my mom always made my birthday the best day ever!! I hope I can do the same she made me feel like I was the queen of the day for one day!! I love birthdays!!! We had a birthday party at 10 and had like 22 kids it was Cold and outside!! We rented a bounce house and my neighbor brought the coolest rollercoaster over which was the highlight of the party at least for Holden!! Thank you!! After this we had peoplein and out all day which I love!! I love being around friends and family. Thank you to everyone who made his day a little more special!! After I had a family party and Holden got to play with all of his cousins who love him so much!! He loves to play he loves to be around people!! K so I am a tad sappy!! It has been an emotional week!! But for sure thanks for everyone sharing his special day!! I cant believe he is 2!!! WOW!!!


Singhappy2 said...

I don't know if that is the train set that we bought him - or if ours hasn't shown up yet........argh. I know it was going to be cut close to the day on shipping. There are two packages -one was that. If you did receive two - mine was from toys R us.. you can take it back. Wish we could have been there - we miss and love Holden more than you know and have thought about him all week. I hope the other present has shown up also.

Jen said...

Oh no. Did someone else give him a train table too? It's going to be a lot nicer than the one I gave you. K, that picture of Holden sitting by the tree is the cutest thing I have ever seen. Thanks for letting us be a part of his big day. I know it is hard to see them grow up. You are an awesome mommy!!!

Mike & Timette said...

I think you are the best, and Holden knew that it was his special day. You are such an amazing mom and a great friend.

Cort,Jamie,&kids said...

You are such a cute mom! What a lucky boy Holden is.

Singhappy2 said...

I'm really torked. I ordered this train set LAST monday. Here is the tracking number so you will have it. It's not due till MAY 7th!!!!!!!!! I'm not very happy about that - but here it is.
Item: 2885746
Description: Deluxe Canyon Road Train & Track Table with Lid
Quantity: 1 @ $99.99
Status: Shipped via: FedEx Ground
Tracking Info:

you can use that last line to track it. Sorry it took so long to get there - you can return it - but I hope the other present made it there ok.

E Winzeler said...

Landon had so much fun at Holden's party! You always throw a great party for his birthday! You are a great mom and he's a lucky little man to have you!

Jessica said...

I can't believe he is two, he is so cute and it looks like you made it such a fun day for him, we miss all of you guys and wish we were there!