Tuesday, June 12, 2012

St. George

 Kasey had to work in st. George and she invited us!!  So we went and swam and swam!!!  I love these cute pictures of these kiddos!!!!


 We flew late at night and landed and headed straight to the the hotel.  Holden LOVED flying it was his first time remembering.  The first day Casey had to work.  So our friends the Wankiers flew up there for the day!!  Timette knows Cali like no one else. And drove us to the BEACH!!!!  Huntington was AMAZING to see.
 that same day we headed to Disney.  Timette and I have never Rapunzel so that was are first stop!!!!  

 Holden FINALLY got to fight Darth Mal and Darth Vader!!  He was the guy that got to do the "PUSH"  He felt pretty special!!!

 The second and third day we met up with Casey and we opened and closed Disney!!  We had so much.  I love watching the kids and it brings back so MANY memories of my childhood!!!

 We did Areal Grotto lunch!  We got to meet 5 princesses Both of them were in HEaven!!! 

 Hadlie was in her Tiana phase.  I wanted her to meet her so bad!!!  We went to the princess fair on the last day and SHE was there!!!!  I love her face!!!

Such a FUN trip!!  Now I have to talk Casey into going again!!!!

Monday, January 23, 2012

New years eve!!!!

I have said it a million times but I LOVE MY NEIGHBORS!!!!! I have some of the best people that live next to me!!! I am so grateful for AMAZING friends!!! Windy and her kids came over and counted down till midnight with us!!! We went earlier in the day!! And got fireworks!!! Our kids get along so good!! That her and I just played games!!! I am excited for ALL the fun things in 2012!!!!

I want a MOHAWK mom!!!!


Christmas was so much fun this year!!! I love that my kids are getting a little older!! So they get it more!! Highlight this year was choosing a family for a secret santa I loved that Holden got to go pick out presents for a little boy and understood where it was going!!! For sure a tradition every year!!!
We started Christmas eve at Caseys dads house!!! My kids got so spoiled!! And we played the fun "giftcard game" Love that game!!! Then we went to Caseys moms house!!! And opened gifts with them!! We then went home and tucked the kids in bed!!! Woke up the next morning and Santa had came!! Then I made a big breakfast and had breakfast with just us!!! Then went to my dad's!!! After we came back and I made a Turkey dinner and Caseys parents came over to eat!!! I love Christmas!!! Sad we didnt get any snow!!! But I am sure it will come later!!!!

Dance Recital

Hadlie had her Christmas recital!!! She was so Cute and did the whole thing!!! She loves dance!! Loves that she gets to do it with so many of her friends from the neighborhood!!! She had so many friends come watch her!!! And cousin, aunts and grandparents!!! So MANY people love her!!!!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween!!!!

My FAVE holiday!! I love that the kids can dress up and pretend to be there HERO!!! My Holden was Captain America and Hadlie Cinderella!! We woke up and Sent HOlden to school. We went to the gym and then hurried home so I could do Holdens class party. It turned out so FUN!!!! Then after we came home and took naps. Then ate a yummy chili dinner. Which is a tradition in my family brings me back to when I was a kid!! Then Casey took them trick or treating!!! Holden didnt want to go very long and Tyson and Mikelle surprised us and they played outside for about a hour!!! I dont remember Halloween ever being so warm! It was so FUN!!!! After they left Holden went back out trick or treating with some neighbors!! We had so much fun!!! I think Hadlie ate a WHOLE bag of candy!!! She paid for it later!! Poor girl!!! We had a great day!!! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!